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The new trend in Open Education is exponential growth, According to Delia Browne, Open Education is “about expanding educational opportunities worldwide by facilitating the sharing and re-mixing of educational resources. This is definitely a positive statement in education regarding OER along with other forms of new technology based tools, i.e. twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. went viral in only a short period of time when marketed as often as OER is being marketed.
“Open education websites include an array of resources such as curriculum material, lesson plans, classroom activities, lectures, homework tasks, assignments and quizzes” (n.d). While nothing is going to be perfect, I believe it is a perfect ideal for Open Education Resource to provide an open education for everyone to learn. Bonk states, “What is clear is that the movements for free software as well as open source software are transforming learning opportunities around the planet. Those at the helm of each initiative fully believe that they have designed unique opportunities for promoting education” (2009, p.160).
I believe in cutting cost as much as possible especially with the economic twist and turns; Open Education Resources is a wise decision. Paper for class assignments will be saved. Number 2 pencils and even electricity from the copying machine. OER helps to curve all these traditional cost and provides a host of other resources as well. “The biggest challenge with open education is the minimal amount of people who understand how to use technology in a successful way, so that it will be an exciting experience rather than a stressful one.”(Bonk, 2009). Horrigan, 2008, states, “Numerous barriers to these dreams and visions exist, of course, including insufficient Internet access, as well as incompatibility between technologies, lack of awareness, lack of interest, and frustration” (as cited in Bonk, 2009). Tradition has hit its peak and now it’s time for a more Open Education Resource to take education to an entirely new level.

My Thoughts
In my opinion quality technology programs that are most useful for Open Education learning when programs and the technology that will enable this form of education are tried and true. I agree with this statement “People like the idea of free, but don’t necessarily research the facts before learning information. Information can be completely false or obsolete. Scholarly work based off of some these courses can be weakened in the respect that the information learned is not solid or researched. Another challenge is the assumption that most people only know and have functioned in closed institutions.” (Deimann Farrow, 2013). The current technology I am using this week is my home office computer’s it how I complete my class assignments via blackboard and also how I interact via social media.

Learning activity this week were tutoring 3rd grade student for the OAA testing, grading papers and preparing for fall open house for my students all work completed via computer database. Teachers are out of Fall Break, Happy Columbus Day!!!


What is the most useful way that Open Education can be implemented into classrooms? What are your thoughts about this process?


Check out this awesome video about bringing Open Education Resources into the classroom for TEACHING! This is very interesting and valuable Information!



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